In new network Shanghai on September 21 report (reporter Xu Jing) the main force that the it may be said of personnel of college property service that can direct effective guidance enters school undergraduate rubbish newly to classify fights to classify a gleam of in rubbish. 21 days, serve personnel in the light of college property ” head period special subject of classification of rubbish of property service personnel grooms class ” in Shanghai open university is held. Groom the policy code that the class invited the leader of bureau of environment of Shanghai the appearance of a city to unscramble rubbish to classify, the introduc青浦哪里中医推拿tion shows level Shanghai rubbish to classify the positive result that the job obtains; Invite the environmental protection on Shanghai to amount to manhole Ling Tao, Liu Haiyong to wait give lessons, the methodological skill of the setting meaning that explains rubbish classification, classification; Shanghai opened an university to still design link of site solid model, student people admitting, in dividing cent, compared process, the tall difficulty that contain taught Yu Le, vivid enjoyably to finish rubbish to classify movement, skill of the setting sense that they show to be classified to rubbish in succession, executive measure, method had the understanding of more comprehensive system and study. Standing undersecretary Wang Songhua expresses Ministry of Education of record of formal schooling of blame of Shanghai open university, considerin青浦ktv场子大安全的g garden of old now school may be the weak point that rubbish classifies, want to pass what serve personnel to property to groom, making them true realize rubbish is classified is an important matter, it is meddlesome, it is the thing with obligatory personnel of every property service, the property that also increases thei上海最贵的夜总会r everybody at the same time serves ability, the student still can guide to undertake rubbish is classified correctly while he shares clear. That day, 100 property management cadres that Shanghai gives birth to happy property to run limited company and Bao Jie staff played head period groom. Huang Jun of this company vise general manager says, if ground of a bitter edible plant spreads out,the rubbish of Shanghai classifies fire of working no less than, but be opposite,property and the major that the personnel that protect clean begins rubbish to classify groom, be assumed however without special orgnaization, shanghai opens university fill this is blank. The rubbish that the student produces rarely inside campus is not much also during summer vacation, classified quality is quite good still, return to school after the vacation of the student after term begins especially the situation that the rubbish after enter a school of nonlocal new student classifies is apparently grim rise, the company also is 上海静安洲际酒店招聘begun to employee in the consideration consolidate the gender grooms. Li Xin上海嘉定江桥按摩 of student of college of Shanghai finance and economics says, the conduct propaganda that rubbish classifies is being made all the time in the school before having a holiday last term, also can wait for departure to put in conciously at ordinary times, but when Shanghai rubbish classified policy to be carried out formally on July 1, the school has put summer vacation, returning the school September still 大桶大足浴(嘉定店)怎么样is very unaccustomed, it is not clear that a lot of rubbishes are done how should divide after all, hope personnel of property and Bao Jie gives us金山足浴怎么样 very much a few guide, no longer foolish foolish cent is not clear. The personnel that protect clean piece the aunt plaints, “Can begin to us groom, simply too glad, I come to Shanghai work two years, never h一朋友拉我玩金山娱乐ad attended such major to groom, organic still m大桶大足浴金山店eeting reads into open university study, it is to daydream really want to be less than. ”   it is reported, ministry of Education of record of formal schooling of blame of Shanghai open university returns what will develop seriation to groom course, operation of study of theory of be in harmony, practice, visiting visit is an organic whole, undertake grooming with the member that protect clean to more college property administrator, strive for enclothe more is in school undergraduate, help them understand po上海银脚盆足浴正规吗licy, acclimatization as soon as possible, make from me, do beside bagatelle is made, rubbish of carry out travel is classified, become the volunteer that rubbish classifies and forerunner. (Be over)



On September 21 – 22 days, “Education of education of person with ability of industry of provide for the aged of first long triangle and development forum and person with ability of industry of long triangle provide for the aged shares platform to establish a ceremony ” in Shanghai open university is held. In the   that offer a plan new network Shanghai on September 21 report (reporter Xu Jing) ” the oldest ” long triangle has begun to prepare for war aged. 21 days, education of person with ability of industry of long triangle provide for the aged shares platform to open an university to hold water in Shanghai. Data shows, up to by 2017, long triangle 3 provinces one city (Shanghai Su Zhe Anhui) old people mouth in all 44.16 million, 20.79% what occupy population of total census register, average level of outclass whole nation. Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang is aged degree before listing the whole nation 6. City of Shanghai society academy of sciences and population development institute release a report to show, predict 2035, long triangle 3 provinces one city old people mouth will be added to 75 million, achieve often live 33% of pop嘉定足浴ulation. As we have learned, fact of this platform general上海ktv公主价格表 i上海大浪淘沙 spas professional now education of construction, talent, persons qualified to teach grooms wait for respect linkage to cooperate, inside long triangle area exploration is made ” record of formal schooling is taught + vocational training + continue to teach + solid example base ” the talent of provide for the aged of quaternity develops a system. Platform still will serve the insti普陀杏山路足浴tution of higher learing that appears in talent education in the light of current provide for the aged little, offer major number of li嘉定情趣主题酒店ttle, recruit students is little, professional the persons qualified to teach is little and incorrect mouth, talent does not leave obtain employment to wait for real problem, collective delibrate, seek settlement way. Drive a government to perfect provide for the aged to serve the relevant policy such as kind of professiona水磨禅杖为什么是水磨l recruit students, education, obtain employment; Drive industry, enterprise to participate in a talent to develop whole process, through ” 1+X ” pilot project, contemporary apprentice is made, the means such as associated education, the major that advances service industry of provide for the aged and education of service of provide for the aged in coordination is built in all, talent in all Yo, achievement is shared. In addition, education high quality is capable provide for the aged serves a talented person, platform still will advance development of connotation of major of provide for the aged henceforth, establish professional education standard jointly, education science changes stimulative major, standardization, standardization, build a batch of provide for the aged to serve kind of top-ranking major; Be based on major of provide for the aged to teach demand, develop resource of high grade course jointly, those who make a batch of shirt-sleeve and professional theory and post demand ” golden class ” ; Strengthen faculty construction, increase professional teacher introduce with education strength, encourage nurse, the professional teacher such as brigade of work, rehabilitation, homemaking, article serves domain development to provide for the aged, foster ” double division ” pedagogic team; Strengthen the cooperation that serves an orgnaization with provide for the aged, those who build a batch of high quality share model solid example base. Enterprise of Shanghai the aged develops central director Zhao Lijuan to express, culture of record of formal schooling is inferior, professional level inferior, society evaluates welfare of fulfil of inferior, firewood inferior become the member that a gleam of nurses almost ” label ” . In the meantime, him old person nurses to spirit and psychology with children demand and nurse the demand of quality is higher, record of formal schooling of the member that they hope to nurse can be a bit taller. Accordingly, be badly in need of waiting from training of quality of professional competence, psychology, ethics and culture level at present, multidimensional degree, designedly fosters age gradient scale of proper, grade the reasonable, provide for the aged that suits with demand bearing nurses and administrator team. “Beadhouse of Shanghai so much, what the dean grooms through the system is very few. ” be informed Shanghai to opened an university to offer senile service and management, nurse (old age nurses) professional, the Huang Mancheng that did work of 20 old provide 上海上门专业推拿for the ageds cha上海水磨实体店 更多rges actively. “Foundation of psychological foundation, senile sociology, senile physiology, senile nutrition and a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of prandial, contemporary canal are met learn. ”   and Huangman share 800 Yu Ming’s classmates into what learn together, among them, come from on Shanghai of orgnaization of of all kinds provide for the aged from personnel of course of study 261, th闵行威尼斯ktv是荤场吗e others is social personage, average age is 40 years old, 21 the youngest years old, 60 the oldest years old. 280 students are about to graduate at next year spring. “In major study of two years, student will be accepted ‘ academic + skill + humanitarian ‘ training ” , shanghai opens university president Yuan Wen to say, on professional skill, pay attention to course and provide for the aged to nurse the butt joint of content of certificate of ability of relevant mount guard card, special profession, professional qualification certificate2019是上海哪里还有油压, encourage while learner is completing specialized subject course, obtain country or letter of industry profession qualification. “By all account the spring of industry of provide for the aged came, but industry of provide for the aged has not made the preparation that meets spring good, no matter be administrator or paramedic, must promote ceaselessly. ” yellow full accepted theory or formulation. (Be over)




In news of new network Shanghai on September 22 report (a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale of reporter Li Shu) carry out for development in the center of hit the decision-making deploy that wins battle上海闵行带吃饭的ktv of deficient assault fortified positions, fulfil city to lead a directive to reach ” Shanghai government general office begins consumption to help deficient up to aid for上海嘉定情趣酒店地址ce to hit the directive opinion that wins battle of deficient assault fortified positions deep about this city ” , innovation consumes the practice that help deficient up, arouse deep social force participates in deficient assault fortified positions, by municipal government cooperative communication does, city business affairs appoint, city state endowment appoint, city agriculture country appoint, the side of Shanghai speak or sing alternately that government of bureau of office management of office of city market s闵行夜总会upervisory management board, city, long peaceful district sponsors jointly helps an area ” 100 counties 100 t上海闵行金色年代ktv荤场aste ” product of take one’s place in the ranks is judged, growing park of peaceful area Zhongshan to be held successfully on September 21, 2019. “100 counties 100 article ” the activity a金山娱乐pk10安全吗ims to pass 100 kinds of characteristic that choose area of Shanghai speak or sing alternately group by group stability of bright, character, competition ability is strong, differentiate degree of high area brand agriculture products, directive place promotes produce supply quality and 上海黄浦区浴场推荐standard, stability supplies Shanghai field, form Shanghai consumer to be familiar with the admissive product that help deficient up and service. Want already rich remove poverty door ” money bag ” , want rich Shanghai citizen again ” food basket ” , implementation ” Shanghai place needs, area of speak or sing alternately can ” essence of life allows a butt joint. Take one’s place in the ranks produces comment on choosing to be able to go up, 28 head of a counties that come from county of poverty of area of speak or sing alternately, warden and enterprise delegate are local characteristic produce respectively ” Dai Yan ” , plan of transmission of this city trade flow, media, market, agriculture grows the domain expert such as b上海闵行南美水疗reed comprises evaluation group and spot citizen to represent collective ballot 22 kinds ” 100 counties 100 article ” product of the 2nd batch of take one’s place in the ranks. Voting selection standard besides ” help deficient up ” outside the feature, still having a main factor is Shanghai field level, all is seleted product all passes strict examine and verify, in admittance standard specific provision needs to have recommendation of government of village class above, accord with qualitative check, food the butt joint Shanghai such as current, wholesome quarantine the strict requirement of field. “100 counties 100 article ” be in again model a brand. Brand consciousness is consciousness of quality awareness, market. “100 counties 100 article ” reservation has a brand one杨浦区设施好的浴场self, also accredit is used unite 100 counties 100 taste LOGO, channel is shared, information each other is connected, the brand is pushed in all, prevent already coessential spend competition, more force generator agency is solid stress quality, make a brand, let consumer be bought so that be at ease, brand hatch perforative consumption helps deficient up from beginning to end, reflect bright and oriented. Let Shanghai help deficient cooperation and speak or sing alternately up to assist area farming special local product to taste the form with displaying love to help them not just ” go ” , it is from Shanghai field effective demand begins more, acknowledge of start shooting brand is spent and approbate degree, find the product that the market is accept嘉定景御汇浴场团购ed and needs truly, sell go out, sell well, sell for a long time. (be over)



In news of new network Shanghai on September 20 report (reporter Chen Jing) adolescent is a country tomorrow, prevent and reduce teenage illegal crime, the meaning is great, far-reaching, need society just carries a hand to come each, joint efforts. Be 上海市宝山区浴场to condense a society better each are square force, collective advance prevent and reduce teenage illegal crime to work. 20 days, with ” guard tomorrow ” for the theme, system of Shanghai judicatory administration prevents and reduce blue book of teenage illegal crime to release and thematic propaganda is held. This the activity is sponsorred by Shanghai judicatory bureau. ” system of Shanghai judicatory administration prevents and reduce blue book of teenage illegal crime ” nearly 30 thousand word, divide in all for 4 paragraphic, all-around developed poison of Shanghai jail, give up, community side of correctional, society teachs, the indefatigable effort that each line is the judicatory administration such as conduct propaganda of legal aid, law, lawyer to prevent and reduce place of teenage illegal crime to make, the program that put forward to make clear with respect to next jobs and effort direction. It is reported, last a period of time was shown 7 years first in the book, minor to more than 1000 be福州金山中医推拿 in custody make the basica奉贤大船酒店lly brings about minor go astray 7 big main factors that undertake investigation and study reachs, prevent to be begun better and reduced job of teenage illegal crime to provide scientific basis. Xiao Guiyu of vice director of standing committee of Shanghai National People’s Congress attends an activity and speak, he emphasizes, prevent and reduce teenage illegal crime, ensure teenage health to grow, the issue closes harmony of national long period of order and stability, society stability and the happiness of millions upon millions family are quiet, allow to weigh and the path is far. The hope is in the job henceforth, all circles of concerned branch and each society condenses whole town join forces, ad上海普陀区养生spavance in coordination, explore new thinking, new method, new move ceaselessly, serve to be built at restful Shanghai, law Shanghai better. Precaution of system of Shanghai judicatory administration and the 静安大融城ktvLOGO that reduce job of teenage illegal crime are made public first in mobile spot, LOGO whole is tonal for orange gradual change, hold a sun in the palm to金山娱乐 o主31661管 be main picture with both hands, resource of job of conformity of system of administration of judicatory of implied meaning Shanghai, join forces is guarded tomorrow, reflected prevent and reduce teenage illegal crime to work open, include, the working concept that take on. Henceforth, system of Shanghai judicatory administration prevents and reduce job of teenage illegal crim上海水磨是什么意思啊e to will be united use this one label, prevent teenage crime side to teach a center to take the lead by city of subordinate of bureau of town administration of justice, coordinate the each unit inside the system in the round internally, join actively to this city prevents and reduce teenage illegal crime to work external relevant section, wait for what respect expert comprises to explain to public by group of instructor of law, psychology, policemen through building mobile resource library, use judicatory administration peculiar resource strengthens teenage caution education, deepen education of teenage general law, the law that strengthens jobs of pair of teenage dimension authority helps wait for way and carrier with support, all-around promotion judicatory administration prevents and reduce level of job of teenage illegal crime, active service Shanghai beforehand green job overall situation. In the activity, shanghai is minor make this world of summer of certainly place, city keep apart poison of Buddhist monastic discipline compulsively community of Yang Pu district of place, city is correctional 3 units such as the center are awarded ” system of Shanghai judicatory administration prevents and reduce adolescent to violate crime to teach caution bas上海嘉定ktv服务员工资e ” brand, become what this city opens the first batch to the society to develop the important site that teenage caution teachs. Social community can dial the hotline that announces in the activity 12348 turn 8, make an appointment visit these caution base. In the activity, small precious (alias) told about her to leave recovery newborn old practice in the help of cop mother and everybody for everybody. Small precious is once the teenager makes, the identity of the person that do poineering work successfully with nowadays stands bravely in arena to end. Those who stand beside her is in those days the director policeman of small precious, see small treasure nowadays can self-made, face new life with active position, she is gratified the ground says: “Make public is traitorous the disposition label that is small precious, it is her more the fear to confused future, the child that made a fault often the heart is put in such fear. We hope to let them realize an error, also hope to guide them to correct an error, be on right way, go better more. ” hear cop mother expect in succession, small precious chokes up with sobs: “Encounter difficulty every time, I am overcome hard, the person that passes me to do not let cop mother and other help namely is disappointed. ” placard of commonweal of poisonous theme of first give up designs the Shanghai that   does this year to be held jointly first half of the year by culture of Shanghai judicatory bureau, city contest bear the palm person also come to the spot. This the上海市闵行区哪有水磨 contest attracted social all circles to be participated in 上海松江海玲珑 spaextensively, get more than 200 work in all, choose plan award of 10 big former activate and award of effect of 10 great visual senses finally, exhibit through much channel sow, strengthen the community effectively gas defence poisonous consciousness of Buddhist monastic discipline.




In new network Shanghai on September 21 report (Zheng Yingying) the 9th ” Shanghai commonweal companionate day ” kick off 21 days, “Obstacle of acknowledge of Shanghai old age is friendly community is pilot ” start formally that day, 28 streets of 10 areas press down Shanghai to be headed to approve pilot unit by the row. This day rises, these pilot units will link the characteristic of respective community and senile crowd demand, the whole process that begins senile and cognitive obstacle serves, perfect safeguard mechanism, the good s上海佘山索菲特悦泉spaociety atmosphere that builds old people of obstacle of acknowledge of attention, consideration, care and its family. As Shanghai aged degree is deepened continuously, up to by 2018, population of old age of census register of 60 years old of above of Shanghai already amounted to five million and thirty-two thousand eight hundred person, 34.4% what occupy census register total population; 80 years old reach old people of above advanced age to amount to eight hundred and sixteen thousand seven hundred person. Ac上海松江松汇中路spacording to estimation, old people of Shanghai cognitive obstacle makes an appointment with 200 thousand person. In recent years, shanghai undertook active exploration in the light of look after of senile and cognitive obstacle. Strengthen look after of senile and cognitive obstacle to serve to had been included ” Shanghai deepens provide for the aged to serve executive program (2上海浴场的花头019-2022 year) ” , as one of 26 main tasks, begin senile and cognitive obstacle friendly community construction is among them main component. It is reported, “Senile and cognitive obstacle is friendly community is pilot ” during, will pass begin ” healthy education ” , popularize cognitive obstacl亮歌ktv宝山店电话e knowledge, raise community dwe松江沐野浴场按摩的哪里好ller the proper understanding of cognitive to old age obstacle; Through beginnin闵行七宝推拿g ” the risk is evaluated ” , master this community old age the fundamental case of cognitive obstacle crowd, carry out further thereby ” inchoate interpose ” , offer blame medicaments to intervene training and inchoate look after serve for cognitive obstacle old people. In the meantime, offer psychology to solace, ability pr上海帝国公馆ktv脱场omotes an上海 闵行桑拿d br上海普陀区鼎尚ktveath through be family of cognitive obstacle old people all sorts of means such as the service, offer ” the family supports ” . Each are street still will rely on community to wait for establishment integratedly for old service center, build ” obstacle of acknowledge of community old age supports a center ” , produce platform effect, reasonable configuration resource, build perfect and senile cognitive barrier friendly support network, form company warden effect to sustain a mechanism. (Be over)



Mere 8 minutes, the precious organ that supply system was reached arrive from aviation of railroad ” without seam join ” . (author: Shanghai railroad police offers a plan) in   report inscribed new network Shanghai on September 20: Of Shanghai rainbow bridge ” life terminal ” : Not disappoint each love and in awaiting   railway station of bri上海南美水疗收费dge of rainbow of Shanghai of   of a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale of Li Shu of new network reporter, it is one of China’s busiest tall iron stations. Since its build, already greeted send toward more than more than 400 million passenger. Very few somebody knows, this long three-cornered is important traffic hub, also be organ of body of cure choose and employ persons ” life terminal ” . An airliner that flies to Shanghai from Tianjin descends in airport of Shanghai rainbow bridge, shanghai railroad public security is in the policemans of police station of rainbow bridge station to expect a long time already. “Are you the doctor of responsible convoy? We are railroad policemans, go with me at once please. ” policemans are as confluent as the doctor of convoy of the responsible organ that supply system, one ” life relay ” at this point ” run ” . Everybody sits four-wheel storage battery patron wagon, sail quickly the rainbow bridge railway station to 1000 met上海比较大的娱乐会所ers of above. “Direct room, ask inquiry to arrive at present do not have the tall iron order with the fastest stannum, and bus stop stage. ” the policeman holds interphone, with direct room real time UniCom, from arrive at a mouth ” retrorse ” nonstop platform, doctor convoy on supreme iron. Mere 8 minutes, the precious organ that supply system was reached arrive from aviation of railroad ” without seam join ” . Official data shows, china has more than 20 thousand person every year to accept organic transplanting operation, partial operation place needs to pass transfer of civil aviaton, tall iron with the organ. Hospital of people of the city that do not have stannum is the whole world center of transplanting of the 2nd big lung, according to surgery of this courtyard bosom advocate treat doctor Huang Jian to express, a lot of areas did n静安洲际酒店 地址ot arrive directly a上海金枝玉叶ktv公主t the airliner that does not have stannum, accordingly the task of have a change of luck of the organ that supply system of above of this courtyard half must pass railway station of Shanghai rainbow bridge to take Gao Tie. The low temperature of ice cube and perfusion fluid is protected, can strive for the time of have a change of luck of 6 hours only. And the time length of organic have a change of luck, the follow-up that matters to a patient directly restores, need goes all lengths ” compress ” grow when have a change of luck. Consequently, the railway station of Shanghai rainbow bridge of UniCom airport, highway and subway became the name matches the reality ” life terminal ” . Handle police station of rainbow bridge station according to Shanghai railroad public security politics appoint Sun Lei expresses, since 2016, the unit such as public security of civil aviaton of combination of police station of station of Shanghai rainbow bridge, airport built have a change of luck of organ of body of cure choose and employ persons ” life hump line 闵行莘庄spa” , do one’s best helps a doctor ” without seam join ” , multiply with the rapiddest rate on the Gao Tie that leads to destination, transmit even more successfully already 100 cases at present. Below the situation that does not affect a station to move daily, should accomplish ” without seam join ” be not easy thing. Be in police inspector of rainbow上海spa男士会馆 bridge station according to Shanghai railroad public security Introduction Zhang Lei, amount of stream of people of rainbow bridge railway station is huge, current condition ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye. Policeman and direct room cooperate cheek by jowl, “Be observant and alert, ear listens all directions ” , just can plan to give ” best course ” . relatively normally ” piece the airport, buy ticket, pull in, install check t上海青浦情趣酒店都在哪里oo ” change flow, huang Jian expresses, below the help of railroad police, can save half many hour at least. Arrive from Tianjin the surgery that does not have stannum, span 1200 more than kilometer, cost. The organ supplying system of Huang Jian convoy, bridge of rainbow of Shanghai of by way of, of the plane that finish and tall iron ” without seam join ” , achieve this course to cost the shortest record. And wait to offer body organ, be year only 12 years old, hematopoiesis dry cell transplants art hind, out-of-the-way sex is fine the small patient that bronchitic breath fails. “Th上海外滩酒店e operation is very successful, the child restores first-rately. ” Huang Jian says. Policemans were received ” the good news that hopes to hear most ” , but ” life relay ” won’t have terminus. Police expresses, will carry on, innovation new era ” maple bridge experience ” , continue to optimize Shanghai rainbow bridge ” life terminal ” function, it is organic have a change of luck not only, the carriage that still will do goods and materials of cell, urgent medic上海杨浦区的大浴场大战al treatment to wait for hematopoiesis provides service safeguard. The organ transplants, be known as one of breakthroughs with the greatest bound of 20 centuries medicine, also be the summit summit that the mankind helps each other. It dies with loving to connect deliver a chi上海杨浦区荤场子ktvld greatly, “And we want seize every minute and second, not disappoint each love and await. ” (be over)



In news of new network Shanghai on September 22 report (prince billows) arrive 01 times from Shanghai w上海ktv荤场便宜est station La Cun Lu Naquan road in all 18 sites, one-way 19.4 kilometers, the course grows road condition complex, case of block of road of ea上海按摩油压高级会所rly evening height is severe, the driver that 上海嘉定区浴场regards this as the course is very painstaking. However in last few years a lot of 01 big drivers retire in succession, at present driver of this course on guard 43, among them new driver already had 18, the infuse o自由港ktv 虹口f new blood feels right to 01 are a b上海闵行区附近spaig challenge formerly, but two sides silk banner is received to reach to praise a letter in two Zhou Neilian add, it is passengers offer new blood the biggest affirmation. According to the bus 9 motorcade cont上海奉贤区ktv公主小费roller of 3 companies introduce: This batch of new drivers were 2017 around just enters office, average age is 35 years old, they are fulfilling their post obligation 静安区天润浴场按摩dependably in be on duty, pay attention to detail, even if be ” one check of one Cheng ” the job is serious ground manner goes treating, because of their enough attention, the billfold that horn of the mobile phone in crack, edge is in, never had fallen, after picking up these valuable, they are urgent passenger place is urgent, think passenger place thinks, lost property return sth to its owner in good金山国际娱乐怎么样 condition is the biggest to them contented. They are fu上海100元快捷酒店ll of enthusiasm to the job, good attitude of attending to guests gets time and again of passengers r静安寺上海公馆ktveputably, advanced generation people guide and below guidance, they are excelsior, showed a new features, established new generation the good figure of public transportation person. (Be over)



In news of new network Shanghai on September 22 report (prince billows) ” thank you too really,松江方塔医院推拿科 because my error increased so much trouble to you. ” respecting of gentleman of leaf of owner of lost property. Yun Hua of 807 directors Cao expresses: Foliaceous gentleman, eventually when claim comes before you, come from September 12 on September 19, full 8 days, I the cautiously purse you appropriate is custodial, one dare not treat sth lightly, because there are 2700 yuan of ready moneys inside purse, still have the serious article such as card of Id, bank, it is very important to you, to we are a kind of responsibility more for public transportation person, also be an acceptance to the passenger. Fol松江泗泾哪里有男士spaiaceous gentleman Cong Caoyun has received purse in China hand, excited respecting: Appreciate the attitude that all 807 staff members are in charge of seriously to the passenger again, thank the spirit of not pocket the money one picks up of good intention driver. Classics understanding, on September 12, 2019 11 when make, past gold is sanded before foliaceous gentleman takes 807 Jiang Lu attends company meeting near true north road, because the meeting is urgent, foliaceous gentleman haste gets off, the coffee wallet that carries involuntary discharge of urine falls inside railroad car. After the conference ends, the ability when before Gaotie is being taken toward rainbow bridge railway station 上海黄浦区浴场推荐before foliaceous gentleman prepares, be away on official business toward Beijing discovers purse disappeared, anxious extremely he thinks purse is dropped be in a company, after calling a company, affirm did not lose in the company, this but foliaceous gentleman urgent bad, because the losing of Id went out to cause great inconvenience all right to his, his be forced to do was forced to do temporarily Id. All the way cudgel one’s brains, remembered him to whether can fall purse involuntary discharge of urine on 807 buses eventually, adopting上海川沙ktv荤场 tried attitude then, dialed telephone of terminus of new residential quarter of 807 clear gully, the phone transmitted kind sound that, “Foliaceous gentleman, our idea tries the ground goes contacting you, contact means without yours alone only regrettablly, your purse is Qi Shengjun of good intention driver is carrying out what one Cheng discovers in one check proce水磨全套项目介绍ss, also hope you can come round to get as soon as poss桑拿论坛ible ” . Ground of foliaceous gentleman as if relieved of a heavy load replies: Thank you too, on the road that I am away on official business toward Beijing afore now, one we老闵行ktv有公主的ek later I am met call at sb’s house acknowledges and come round personally claim, bother you to keep for me, solid belong to will be ver长宁ktv招聘y obliged. After foliaceous gentleman is thanked repeatedly, preparation takes out 1000 yuan of cash to acknowledge from inside purse 807 staff members, by the staff member euphemistic ref松江浴场哪里好玩used, cao Yunhua say: We just did the business that public transportation person should do, 上海宝山区ktv招聘信息this is the obligation that we should use up, hope you will go out henceforth vade mecum taking a heart should be added to taste more in travel. (Be over)




The 14th times the conference will listen to the standing committee of city National People’s Congress that holds next week and discuss municipal government the report that about this city old division transforms the job to press a case. Good to cooperate to do special supervisory consideration intends the work, the member that group of part of standing committee of city National People’s Congress grows up is gone to static bring a district on-the-spot survey. Cui of Yan Yi of director of standing committee of city National People’s Congress joins survey. Group of the member that comprise a person is on-the-spot survey Hong Nashan curtilage old change base to advance new residential quarter of circumstance He Pengpu old housing of Peng San village tran上海中兴路圣贤居大浴场sforms a circumstance integratedly. It is reported, up to by August, central the city zone already completed 2 step old in the following building transforms about 438 thousand square metre, be benefited dweller twenty-two thousand eight hundred, those who achieve year goal 87.6% , 91.2% . According to city housing urban and rural construction manages appoint the introduction, since this year old change the job to present a few characteristics: From the task the time that finish looks, in former years is o福州金山哪家推拿好ld changing is to do early days work first half of the year, the autograph is finished about be in mostly second half of the year, and half an year already finished year end job more this year about 90% , appear go out to push state quickly; From the dweller the autograph makes an appointment with scale to look, open base autograph newly this year to be led about all achieve 99% above inside very short time, sufficient specification dweller is right old those who change is eager expect and welcome, old change the job to present state of合肥静安浴场浴资 high proportion become effective; From whole town overall condition looks, each division is old change the job to be advanced in order, bigger project is finished, form the situation of in full swing, try to overtake each other in friendly emulation, present the state that advance side by side- do two or more things at once, whole boosts each area. Second half of the year, this city will continue to accelerate finish the rest old division that already passed consult of first-run dweller apiration to transform a project, will strive to finish 120 thousand square metre before the end of the year, 6000 transform. Wu of such old静安区深海spa this year change to another post will finish 550 thousand嘉定马陆万丰浴场 square metre, 29 thousand, will overfulfil annual goal assignment. Abundant one Cui points out, had fulfilled to carry out in the center of ask上海松江水磨的场子 with municipal Party committee, the heavy the people’s livelihood in driving old division to transform this to be weighed works, standing committee of city National People’s Congress began special emphasis to supervise this year. She emphasizes, want to insist to be development thought of the center with people from beginning to end, be considerate thinks masses place thinks, hold to a problem oriented, strengthen policy supply, much arrange develops simultaneously solve old change capital to balance difficult problem, making overall plans and take all factors into consideration is advanced old division is transformed and historical scene is protected, ensure old division transforms a target to be finished as schedu畅安阁油压验证led; Conference of standing committee of National People’s Congress is in city is discussed 上海宜山路spain, want sufficient assemble popular wishes, pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone, drive government of city, district to reach concerned branch to continue to innovate train of thought, perfect mechanism, let more citizen experience the improvement of living condition, experience the happiness and benefit that br上海空中一号荤场流程ings to people to party and government. Mei of higher primary school of vice director of standing committee of city National People’s Congress, Xiao Guiyu join survey. (Salangane of king of emancipatory daily reporter)



In new network Shanghai on September 20 report (prince billows Zhou Guangyu) on September 20, shanghai traffic appoint execute the law total fleet talked Shanghai about centrally first 21 taxi business, the refus in be aimed at company car carries, bypass collects fees more, valuation impl上海按摩院ement the circumstance such as the fraud, requirement enterprise is fulfilled execute the law superintendency requirement, strengthen enterprise interior to manage. Since this year, swim in the light of make one’s rounds a few chronic and stubborn disease of taxi market, shanghai traffic executes the law sectional union letter is visited complain data, in area of guesthouse of the airport, railway station, key the organization is begun special ” unplug nail ” the action and series centralize punish operation. 1-8 month, investigate make one’s 上海银乐迪ktv电话rounds to swim in all cab industry is of all kinds case 3822, 98 taximan上海雅泰spa有花头伐s are allowed by revoke battalion card, 88 taximans are in rectify 15 days with close down. Talking about on the meeting, shanghai traffic appoint execute the law total fleet put forward to check 9 times oneself to the enterprise that is talked about about rectify and reform a requirement: 1. To all is in carry car begins comprehensive inspection entering the arena, the key is aimed at valuation impl青浦环球国际ktvement, the car carries GPS and car bill to wait undertake checking; 2. Build and carry out fare bill strictly to get with, lose the administrative system such as announcement; 3. Before strengthening the hillock to drinking a driver newly, groom, include to serve requirement of appearance of car of standard, car condition, battalion to carry establishment is used, laws and regulations of requirement of appearance of flow of service of bill use management, operation, appearance, trade; 4. Those who strengthen pair of on-the-job drivers is daily groom, the short message on bag vinculum is pushed send, groom regularly below the line etc; 5. Comb and carry GPS data with the car than carrying to all is in the battalion carry August records vehicle this year, the key all is differred in the light of day second little, the car with fare high unit price begins a platoon to check; 6. Carry GPS message according to the car, comb a platoon to check secure for a long time cast the car that parks group of hotel, trade, distributing center dot; 7. Encourage use platoon of new technology measure to check valuation implement fraud unit; 8. Comb check oneself company proper motion is accepted since this year, 12345 citizens hot line and execute the law total fleet distributes complain the driver with high volume and car; 9. Increase an enterprise to pledge face of check personnel street is checked oneself and the strength that the each other between the enterprise examines, discover effective clew and evidence move in time send traffic to execute松江新桥金泉湾浴场 the law branch. Make one’s rounds swims taxi refus carries, bypass collects fees more, valuation松江区富悦ktv implement the behavior such as the fraud, not only enroach on legal interest of the passenger, damage image of Shanghai city culture badlier. Talk about on the meeting, traffic executes the law the branch expresses, taxi business must cogent fulfill good principal part to manage responsibility, cogent 黄浦区水磨休闲会所strengthen enterprise interior management to be opposite especially day-to-day management of the driver宝山杨行足浴按摩店, execute the law with traffic of the branch execute the law superintend form resultant force, safeguard good make one’s rounds to swim jointly order of carry of taxi market run, promotion make one’s rounds swims the taxi serves a level, maintain image of Shanghai city culture. According to the requirement, each enterprise needs to be checked oneself and fulfil a circumstance to report at be being referred before Oc北京静安中心皇家ktvtober 10, 2019. Reporter from talk about the know on the meeting about, will rise on October 11, shanghai traffic executes the law the branch swims the make one’s rounds that superintends to first key taxi business is rectified and reform fulfil a circumstance to undertak闵行区水磨会所论坛e special superintend and director is checked. Fulfil the enterprise that rectify and reform not strictly to discovery, will adopt close down to rectify, permissive lock stops, limitative forehead is spent, bring into sign the measure such as the letter. Special superintend and director is checked and will expand stage by stage to business of whole town all taxi. In the meantime, shanghai cab guild also will be built ” list of key superintendency personnel ” , the driver invite applications for a job that is an enterprise and day-to-day management and execute the law superintend provide basis and reference. Occupy traffic additionally to execute the law the branch discloses, current Shanghai is beginning by a definite date of 2 months ” make black car — purify rental market order special operation ” . In the first phase (on September 9 – on September 14) outside beach area centers repair process in, investigate make one’s rounds to swim in all taxi refus carries wait for a case 37 cases. Rose on September 15, the cab that is aimed at mouth of home of land of garden of people square, comfort, new scope of operation, Pudong to wait for Shanghai key area to develop the 2nd level is special punish. (Be over)