Graduation of Shanghai ju金山异性spanior high school united school work to take an exam to will hold Yu Ming the day after tomorrow 2019, whole town sets 19 to check an area in all, 147 check a place, 3167 examination room. Shanghai teachs exam courtyard to rem上海普陀区那家spa比较好ind examinee, place is sure to check to require stationery articles for use before setting out, look clear to enter time. According to the regulation, examinee enters examination room to be able to carry article: Pencil of the pen of上海好玩的水磨会所 black handwriting, 阿拉爱上海会员签到a stiff-haired writing brush, ball-pen, 2B, straight太仓上海后花园之称edge, compasses, set square, wait for stationery without envelope rubber (the course except that has special provision上海千花龙凤论坛 上海千花官网) . Forbidden carry the article that enters examination room: (1) mobile phone, once take examination room, whether to use no matter all do cogged processing, cancel to become second exam is all the achievement of course; (2) have wireless receiv上海宝山金钟桑拿关门?e, all sort阿拉爱上海 北京s of communication tools of transmission function and equipment, include intelligent watch and hand loop; Calculator, collection puts the goods such as fluid of equipment, alter, correction belt. If carry afore-mentioned article, need the place that the member that put in invigilate appoints. Shanghai teachs exam courtyard to reiterate, examinee Ying Cheng believes an exam, abide by examination room regulation, obedient exam staff member manages. Have violate discipline, cogged those who wait for behavior, will consult ” national education exam violates compasses processing way ” undertake handling; According to ” amendment of criminal law of People’s Republic of China (9) ” reach concerned code, year full 16 one full year of life are suspected of breaking the law, by check a place or 上海带ty的spateach exam orgnaization to move send mechanism of local public security to undertake handling. Examinee must keep quiet inside examination room, forbid to smoke, forbid roaring, forbid whisper to each other, look around, pantomime, do secret signal, forbid carry secretly, by peep, borrowed or let other borrowed of purpose, forbid answer of make copies by writing or exchange paper of examination paper, answering question and draft paper, forbid 上海松江区kb2016to deliver stationery, article to wait.