The school of door mouth after all how? Since yesterday, on Shanghai fair do school of middle and primary school to be begun in succession ” campus opens day ” , ask the parent and children to walk into the school before enter a school one dug unexpectedly, will alleviate choose school angst. As 阿拉爱上海验证发帖区、we have learned, fair education school campus opens day to will last to on March 31, campus of school of run 上海水磨桑拿会所骗局、by the local people opens day to will be held on April 21 at coming on April 13. The school will pass the form such as small signal of上海干磨水磨床单、 school website, public or paste announce to be informed to community dweller in succ上海本地龙凤自荐女、ession ” campus opens day ” mobile plan. “The installation of school soft hardware that d上海信息区会所kb是什么服务项目、id not think of door mouth is so fine! ” in treasure mountain area of elementary school of the 2nd center ” campus opens day ” on the activity, many parents were龙凤网论坛、 given out plaint. The child and parents watched the school to publicize together piece with small vi上海贵族宝贝油压论坛、deo, know managerial circumstance and campus life all-aroundly, intuitionisticly. Be in ” thumb TV station ” , children understand a TV station act sow measure, face camera lens夜上海最新论坛、 to do a small compere; The house experiences in the space that start bab上海水磨工作室、y, children learn safe knowledge, start work actually in imitate setting practice, in mystery of knowledge of the dug in a covered corridor or walk of science and technology. In cl2019杨浦油压推荐、assroom of beneficial wisdom thinking, childr上海会所为什么都关门了、en start work operate beneficial wisdom toy, in play expe上海按摩油压高级会所、rience intelligence trains… the experience course of rich 松江大保健哪里最便宜、and colorful lets every child cannot help doing sth. As we have learned, elementary school of the 2nd center is having treasure mountain area 70 old managerial histories, have nearly 1700 two campuses, students. The school with ” thumb ” for core culture, carry out goes ” let each life reveal vigor ” managerial concept, established SHINE course system, included rich officer this curricular content, olympic of football, fencing, racing bicycle, brains, chorally, music extend model course. President Tan Lili e上门一般都是仙人跳、xpresses, “Campus opens day ” very significant to the parent and child, can let children experience school life and course as early as possible, experience the fun of study, let them taking this kind to expect the study that walks into future. In Yang Pu the area learns in new big bridge, taking ” market order gets stuck ” , children visit the school individually ” the net is red ” the dot that play card, interior dak, artistic a covered corridor or walk, campus acts sow house of room of rehearse of hall, modern drama, volleyball… the school is of all kinds and special classroom and place are lively and extraordinary, besides hardware, children are more personal the course of of all kinds characteristic that experienced junior high school and mass 上海水磨会所微、organizations. In experience and interacting, the child