The article is light finance and economics (ID: Rancaijing) the person that create formerly / Liu Jingfeng edits / Zhao Li is depreciating in tesla sale, quicken while Shanghai builds a plant, home makes first annual report that the first colourful comes to car weight newly, deliver piece blast a chill. On March 6 in the morning (beautiful east time on March 5 dish hind) , after deferring 7 many hours, colourful will release the without audit 2018上海龙庭spa养生会馆、 year money after its appear on the market declare. Money newspaper shows, its 2018 year gross earnings four billion nine hundred and fifty-one million two hundred thousand yuan of RMBs, deliver the goods among them the four quarters run that the quantity increases considerably receives three billion four hundred and thirty-five million six hundred thousand yuan of RMB. 2018, colourful comes consign 11348, finish expect an end, but caustic of its annual net loss still is 9.639 billion yuan of RMB, grow 92上海gm会所、.0% 阿拉爱上海、compared to the same period. Although interest rate of four quarters wool is twisted lose for, but annual wool interest rate still is – 5.2% , the business wool interest rate that this and tesla are as high as 19% differs tremendous. One is not made the same score, one rises again. Money newspaper discl上海千花三上海后花园论坛直播吧、队上海千花论坛、oses, colourful c上海后花园论坛首页、omes the plan that the plant builds in Shanghai before this also aborts because of policy issue, be obliged to continue to pass production of 2017上海会所扫黄、acting industry of automobile of river the Huaihe River. Be opposite outstanding achieve奉贤南桥大型水疗会所、ment anticipated first quarter 2019 in, suffer allowa水磨桑拿违法吗、nce of car of new energy resources to glide wait for an element, colourful will give out hardly also ” delivery capacity glides ” anticipate, income is highest first quarter glide near 60% . Suffer this effect, colourful comes share price drops all the way, the 10.16 dollars before from yesterday money newspaper is announc上海哪里有水磨服务、e阿拉爱上海北京区、d fall to now dish hind 7.74 dollars. Magendatong already阿拉爱上海北京同城、 came to colourful even the target price of the car is reduced to 7 dollars, the price of the 14 dollars when this higher last year than its point already cutting sb in two at the waist. Meanwhile, tesla depreciates at the same time, march quickly at the same time Chinese market. Home most be valued build car new power, nowadays is be besieged on all sides. This lets a person remember car and d长宁推油新店、omestic au闵行桑拿网、thor Li Xiang were in what sma上海徐汇桑拿、ll gain gives out to plaint on March 1: “The elder of each automobile industry and big brother, tesla had made excellent entrance… we do not do these to publicize a measure again from hey. ” colourful comes, moving toward a not affirmatory future. Sell the colourful of 440 thousand to come, the 430 thousand colourful that was born 2014 comes to sale cost car, in home the existence that is a mystery from beginning to end. When concept of new energy resources is heated up greatly, home was born a batch of person that do poineering work by Internet are achieved