Lhasa of Xinhua News Agency on December 19 report (reporter Liu Hongming) the reporter learns 19 days from bureau of area of civil aviaton Tibet, suffer effect of 18 days of snowfall, airport already restored Lhasa tribute the airliner moves, 19 days 12 when track is open, the first airliner at 12 when arrive at 15 minutes. Predict to will guarantee a flight number now 88 sortie, passenger of harbor of pass in and out 12000 more than person-time, leave a port among them passenger 7000 more than person-time. Future two days of airline will continue to move increase transport power, ensure the passenger goes out travel is successful. B按摩干磨水磨指什么啊、ureau of atmosphere of the Xizang Autonomous Region deputy grind senior engineer Yu Yanqun says step: “18 days 8 when to 19 days 8 when, lhasa snowfall 12 millimeter, firn 10 centimeters. Road has firn to freeze, temperature is inferior, 19 days of 9 real time air temperature when achieve 9.4 Celsius 0 times. ”   as we have learned, airport cancels Lhasa tribute 18 days in all airliner 86 sortie, 3354 passengers suffer an influence to cannot go out row, that day already appropriate finds a place for. Introduce according to bureau of area of civil aviaton 上海后花园交友论坛、Tibet, lhasa tribute airport 19 days 3 when Xu Ting s阿拉爱上海同城论坛shlf.live、tops after snowfall, bureau of area of civil aviaton Tibet organizes personnel, car to begin airport method extent quickly to s微信上去家里服务真假、weep snow and deice job, dispatch the car that sweep snow 2 second, personnel is close 500 person-time, sweep 312000 squ上海按摩水磨价格、are metre. Suffer microtherm weather effect, 6 when make airport runway freeze again, bureau of area of civil aviaton Tibet made the decision that closes the airport temporarily, issue voyage give public notice. Additional, the airport doe上海水磨店、s good flight number to deal with out of order continuously jointly with airline the job, ensure passenger rights and interests, in await flow is added inside machine building volunteer service site. The job of test of coefficient of f上海水磨会所全套2017、riction of airport runway also is undertaking in order. 19 days afternoon, lhasa tribute the phenomenon receives a traveller customer keep long in stock that airport causes 上海桑拿论坛爱上海、because of snowfall great alleviate. Did not come two days, airline w上海高端丝袜高跟会所、ill continue to move increase transport power, ensure passenger of keep long in stock g上海水磨干磨工作室、oes out travel is successful. Bureau of atmosphere商务ktv的佳丽给摸下面吗、 of the Xizang Autonomous Region 18 days 6 when issue signal of blizzard yellow early-warning, get storm of Bengal bay trop水磨拉丝是特殊服吗、ics ” admire too ” the influence on north of periphery cloud department, noise made in coughing or vomiting of the south au上海浦东丝袜会所、s闵行南美水疗水磨、tral 18 days of hill, day criterion southeast ministry and Lin Zhi Gao Hai unplug a mountainous area have arrive greatly b上海哪里有qt、lizzard. 19 days 9 when, blizzard yellow early-warning has removed. (be over)