Shanghai this morning the air with fresh even, it is however inside 45 hours take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly. Today 13金山美容spa会所、 when, index of quality of real time air rises from the 40 violent wind 5 hours ago to 110, a lot of pa上海会所论坛交流、sserby feel periphery appeared to cheat ” gauze ” . Worse is, the condition that this kind of air pollutes predicts to won’t improve inside short time, come probably next week continuously 2 (on December 18) . Shanghai environment monitors a center to predict长宁区荤场、, the上海楼风自荐兼职、 index of quality of real time air of major to上海后花园论坛千花网、day period of time will be maintained in 115 to 135, keep light spend 上海后花园1314凤农夫论坛、pollution. Will come 18 days on December 17, spend contaminative condition gently to will last, quality index will maintain the real time air of major period of time in 105 to 125. Chart origin: Shanghai environment monitors central   to dominated the high-pressured climate of Shanghai recently, it is this predicts to last 3 days two the main reason that air pollutes. The city environment center that monitor is on duty the member that forecast tells a reporter, inside high-pressured control area, be current sinks air current, air contaminant often cannot diffuse along with air current headroom, gather in the earth’s surface mostly, just lik上海宝山非正规油压、e by aeriform ” boiler is built ” button, because this appears more easily,relatively serious air is polluted. According to historical observation data, autumn winter season changes time, shanghai in the sky reachs circumjacent area to appear easily ” boiler is built ” . This kind is seasonal, strong air had be notted form, static firm condition issues weather air mass is mobile and slow, add often appear close ground inversion (usually, air temperature increases as height and drop, air temperatu上海桑拿会所上海后花园是哪个城市、后花园、re increases along with height and elevatory unusual appearance calls close ground inversion) , atmosphere ” head small base is heavy ” , bring about atmosphere hierarchy to stabilize, as if ” high-pressur杨浦区平凉路spa、ed boiler ” , contaminant is pressed to be in ” boiler is built ” below, go out not to go. And ” 南汇大学城玩到女生、boiler bottom ” namely the city has new contaminant to join ceaselessly again, make the chroma that pollutes air mass increa上海桑拿论坛419上海桑拿龙凤论坛、ses, form the regional air pollution that is a foundation with the city. Observation of courtyard of Shanghai link division discovers, arrived 20上海普陀区那家spa比较好、10 2012, shanghai is annual inside 2 at the beginning of Qiu Modong many months, 上海女生自荐千花上海千花三队、produced day and 10 day, 11 allied air of 7 days to pollute respectively. In December 2013, shang闵行区宫七spa、hai still experienced mist haze ” encircle a city 10 days ” , appeared since PM2.5 observation data is announced formally, ambient air quality ” the most serious ” regional air