The divorce had better be can good had gotten together to come loose, having collective memory after all, a lot of still is having collective children from different family. The life after the divorce also can have the connection of countless ties actually. The Hu Xiaojin that just leaves other with the wife also has wanted to had gotten together to come loose originally, but be in however after calling with ex-wife, agitatedly, the thing that promoting and so on of alcohol of kitchen knife, mop, solid went out上海桑拿体验报告. Before long hind, the public security probe that Pudong police adopts street range discovers Hu Xiaojin is making a few dangerous motions in street. Hu Xiaojin is person of lake of Anhui overgrown with weeds, this year 33 years old. Up to now the time that he remembers clearly marrying with wife small plum. Marry in those days, two people were delivered of a lovely daughter. After this, the child is attended by turns by bilateral parents in native place. Young couple in pairs works in Shanghai. Hu Xiaojin does a coach in gym, xiaomei works in a hotel. At first the day always is sweetness, but as the time that lives in Shanghai longer and longer, xiaomei wants to buy a house in Shanghai very much. Hu Xiaojin does not want to become Fang Nu, what he considers is very actual, the earnest wish that Dan Xiaomei wishs to buy a house in Shanghai is stronger and stronge上海夜场排名 百度知道r however, two people produced difference on this problem, spouse concern is intense also rise. Demit dropped Hu Xiaojin later the job of gy最新宝山金钟桑拿mnastical coach, made special driver. The meeting when leisure and friend hit card games together, this caused the dissatisfaction of wife small plum more. Daily trifling contradiction makes marriage goes to the end finally. On March 9, 2017, hu Xiaojin and small plum divorced. Hu Xiaojin hopes Xiaomei does not want to reveal the thi上海南美水疗6楼怎么去ng of the divorce to family friend temporarily, he fears the elder in the home can be overcome exciting. However, mere after a month, the message阿拉爱上海fl足浴 that Hu Xiaojin discovers to the family member has known he divorces. To this, xiaomei feels this just is a misunderstanding, but Hu Xiaojin is right however Yu Huai of this be troubled. That evening the telephone that he dials ex-wife smal上海水磨会所微l plum, the hope gives Xiaomei a杨浦那有大保健bout, talk face to face. Actually, this moment, xiaomei had had new boy friend. He calls Yu Jun, it is Shanghai native. That evening when Hu Xiaojin contacts ex-wife small plum, xiaomei is following Yu Jun to see a movie together. Hu Xiaojin’s phone lets Yu Jun feel very malcontent, then he had grabbed phone and Hu Xiaojin to make a noise to rise. Finally, two上海千花验证归来 men make a noise fierce苏州后花园论坛r more in the phone. Made an appointment with simply in 上海干磨论坛lotus An Donglu