Classroom began, tell to everybody below tell ” Mediterranean heart ” Malta! I can solve all problems that everybody travels about Malta and live one by one! Hope everybody quizs actively. Q: Go is the Chinese that Malta travels much? A: Malta government statistic ente上海虹口干磨2018red a country last year the Chinese that Malta travels has more than 10000 person-time, more and more China associate already also discovered ground of this geomantic treasure, travel number also rises year after year. Q: What d上海静安好桑拿oes苏州夜生活桑拿海选 need notice to take special baggage? A: Insert aperture with flower mark as a result of Ou Biao different, and Malta is country of the British Commonwealth, cannot think converter of an Europe mark can run amuck so Malta oh. Additional, it is good to ask provide for oneself a pair of slipper, after all only hotel of 5 stars class just offers slipper. Q: Malta weather how? A: See your be fond of a word, “Brigh上海性价比最高的kb浦东kb类推荐t ” ! After all a year 300 sunshine, what need does is Tu Hao is prevented bask in fro上海夜上海论坛st, cough up of small relaxed soft上海龙凤419桑拿论坛 go into business. The summer is average temperature 25 degrees, winter is average temperature 15 degrees. Q: Malta security of society how? A: Malta in the whole world the safest country is ranked medium a row the 5th. After all Malta unemployment rate is extremely low, only 3% , people lives an爱上海 419桑拿论坛d work in peace and contentment, nati上海高桥姐体验onal quality is high, social security system is perfect, public security problem is by keep within limits in the cradle. Q: Malta consumption level how? A: Simple and crude come a few example, a litre of milk 0.86 euro, a dozen eggs 1.2 euro, charge of electricity 0.1 Europe / degree, water expends 2 Europe / ton. In repast of average dining room, europe of 7-10 of average per capita, advanced dining-room is 20-30 Europe. Cost of life of a month besides viatic expense, it is 400 euro roughly, return petty gain than city of domestic a gleam of actually. Q: Churchyard traffic how? A: Church上海品茶夜网yard basically is illicit home car贵族爱上海北京同城论坛发帖宝贝, bus and ferry. Illicit home car has an amount extremely tall, average two people have a car. Bus order is much, and some circuitry jackknife, give a special advantage. The join between each islands, basically rely on ferry, from Malta advocate the island goes Ge Zun island needs 20 minutes to be able to arrive only. Q: Go to Europe does other country go to the lavatory? A: Malta and European major nation have straight boat, the range of 3 hours can arrive at random basically an Europe country. Malta Lu blocks the airport beyond the airliner besides the airline that owns a few mainstreams, also have install like luck, Fu Lin, Yi Jie cheap the airliner of airline, if book the price ahead of schedule quite favourable, the airliner that flies to Rome for instance, cheap when the airline ticket that can buy 25 euro to go there and back. Summary: How, understood more to the life of Malta? Pay close attention to l上海水磨会所论坛 上海水磨桑拿会所论坛ater period continuously please we are other to Malta board piece intellectual interlocution oh, if you have any problem, leave a message please, small make up can reply one by one. Investment of national debt of Malta class A planned Malta government to rolled out plan of MRVP of national debt immigrant on August 25, 2015 habitat, aim to attract citizen of good the Three Kingdoms to homeland lives and develop, appoint citizen of blame European Union to be able to apply for Malta national debt to invest resident project, once promulgate,drew the great attention of personage of business affairs of high net value of world ea普陀区spach district. Because application condition is handy, special also the favour that gets Chinese investor. Investment of Malta national debt plans to invest a requirement habitat advocate applicant 1, blame E上海高级水磨会所电话uropean Union / area of blame Europe economy / blame Switzerland citizen, year full 18 one full year of life; 2,上海kb会所 上海飞机按摩kb the investment that hold accords with a government to ask exceeds 5 years; 3, the house property that at the same time hold accords with a government to ask exceeds 5 years; 4, the applicant needs to offer outside Malta condition year not less than 100 thousand euro or the fixed assets of 500 thousand euro above prove income; 5, offer prove without crime; 6, fulfil his duty to investigate through the government; 7, buy medical treatment insurance. Accessary applicant 1, advocate the applicant’s spouse; 2, not full 18 years old of children 3, 18 years old of above are maiden and economy establishs children not only; 4, economy