On August 13, new retail ground and 阿拉爱上海同城交友对对碰service provider “ eat Shanghai —— meal gather ” announces to found brand of aggregate meal industry Fang Hequ of square, service square head is allied ” of ——“ cloud assembly, and hand in hand beautiful group comments on subordinat夜上海论坛e meal to groom beautiful group of “ of administrative knowledge platform comments on meal institute ” to start first salon in Shanghai. This the activity gives priority to a problem with ” of “ infinite chance, the meal enterprise such as ” of management of brand of Lin Jin of ” of meal of “ flavour nimble, “ and “ differ a bowl of ” , “ to loo上海高端私密养生会所k for red lip of elder sister ” , “ to string together the Xin Rui such as string of sweet ” , “LALA CHEESEY” all of Internet meal brand is pres上海海鸥饭店有spa吗?ent, discuss meal jointly with honored guest of more than 100 industry the grows quickly road that channel of breakthrough of brand of the meal below new retail tren闵行区spa微信d restricts. Graph 1: Feed gather associated author Qu Yi lets his thought flow freely instantly of meal epochal prospect, new retail limelight strong, meal industry variable becomes constant already, chinese meal course of study welcomed unprecedented development opportunity. Here setting falls, feed gather dominant founds ” of “ cloud assembly, collect bra爱上海同城论坛桑拿nd of meal industry head Fang Hequ of square, service square, devote oneself to to make an information share for meal industry, knowledge is shared, the service that resource shares, platform, share model the industry is allied. The industry that relies on Yu Fengfu issues idle fund source on catenary, the relevant meal platform with associated driving actual strength and periphery serve state of course of study, ” of “ cloud assembly will condense industry consensus, activation上海楼凤 is multidimensional innovate, aid carry out transition of course of study, hand in hand allied member grows jointly. On this conference, feed gather associated author Qu Yi阿拉爱上海足浴fl and present honored guest upgrade with respect to channel dilate, brand, sale innovation, knowledge is endowed with can wait for a topic to spread out development to discuss. Present honored guest shared the innovation below new development chance to develop train of thought severally, for example, build new brand quickly through making acme sheet taste, use innovation sale shift to make a net quickly red brand, seek low cost fast dimensions changes outspread mode to wait. Graph 2: The honored guest is in round-table discussion the principle that link shares respective innovation to develop feeds gather CEO Wu Hao expresses to this: We often say “ retail industry has 3 broad axe, the first it is product research and development, according to consumer behavior change adjusts a product; The 2nd it is breakthrough channel, product height is achieved to touch inside short time amount to; The 3rd it is to pass all sorts of sale shifts to establish brand acknowledge, hold user intelligence. Everybody innovates in the product and sale promotion respect is in continuously ego is surmounted, but because camp is taller,channel is broken through, it is the biggest challenge in dilate of development of a lot of businesses from beginning to end, feed the service mode that gather to be able to be endowed with with the configuration of ch上海完美kb新地址annel can meal brand, brand of the meal that help strength is fast and outspread, at the same time output standardizes ability more as far as possible, this also is the new chance of 上海男子spa哪家好dilate of the channel below new era setting. The development of ”“ mobile Internet brought brand-new development opportunity for meal industry, the ‘ that we make I ah the brand such as handy ’ also borrows outward appearance is sudden development, outer sell a domain rapid development expand. At the same time 干磨水磨具体服务we also realize, the experience上海龙凤419 below the line is the one part that meal bra水磨石怎么施工nd cannot ignore in long-term development likewise. Resemble feeding gather such new-style service provider, the service that can leave unifinication through the line on the line is endowed with can, supply whole meal downstream string come上海贵族宝贝油压论坛s on catenary, promote the efficiency of each link, card of the drink that aid eat is fast and outspread, implementation is various win-win. ”Brand of Hangzhou flavour nimble manages Chen Jianrong of limited company pre上海会所论坛最新sident