Investment summary: Prices reviewing: Shanghai is dee兰溪路280kbp last week 300阿拉爱上海 验证贴 indexes drop 1.71% 上海桑拿龙凤会所, meal travels board piece drop 2.07% , the industry runs lose the market 0.36 percent, 23 what industry of 29 one cl魔都油压论坛ass believes in the row. Scene area drops 1.39% , travel agent drops 1.83% , the hote上海指压飞机店2019l drops 4.38% , meal drops 0.90% . Board piece expression: Scene area drops 1.39% , travel agent drops 1.83% , the hotel drops 4.38% , meal drops 0.90% . Company performance: Before this week rises 5 hide brigade, long Bai Shan for Xi’an food, *ST respectively, 3 special cabl上海千花论坛eway, Xi’an travels; Hind 5 it is A of h上海外菜资源ill of eyebrow of A of share of bright and beautihui工作室kbful river, big the East China Sea, high mountain, numerous letter respectively travel, Song Cheng a老闵行碧波泉4楼cts art. Industry trends: Japan 2019上海有花头的浴场will open online visa 2020, chinese organization swims into first applicable object our country and ” to take all the way two-way travel spending predicts country of ” along the line to will amount to month of 20181-7 of 110 billion dollar to go to blame travel number夜上海最新论坛 to increase more than 70% reforming and opening 40 years compared to t阿拉爱上海北京同城论坛he same period to 2020 amount of our country airport adds 3 times culture and travel data: Good, line increases visa profit carry Cheng 2018Q2 battalion to receive 7.3 billion yuan to increase 13% com嘉定精油spapanies announcement compared to the same period: A of hill of high mountain eyebrow: High price of entrance ticket of eyebrow hill beauty spot is adjusted, state of happy hill city endowment appoint buy equity of A32% of hill of high mountain eye阿拉爱上海 会所验证brow to obtain card inspect brigade of the blueness in meeting approve: Subsidiary black presses down the announcement Yunnan travel that travel invests external: Major asset recombines the announcement of answer card, control limited company of park of share company Changjiang Delta the force of announcement China nation that major project wins the bid: Subsidiary already was chosen the brigade of article of announcement music river上海黄浦名盛spa营业时间 that the project signs a contract formally: The announcement that resigns about president invests strategy: The proposal continues to pay close attention to have outstanding achievement to prop up and the company with growing good sex, this week combination acts for Chinese nation force, Song Cheng art, numerous letter travel and share of bright and beautiful river. Risk clew: Policy risk; Sudden incident element. □ . . Triumphant. Beautiful jade. East. Promote. Card. Certificate. . Portion. Have. Be restricted. Fair. Department