The souvenir of 151 Shanghai travel with what kind of   of 0 small letters has taste of “ Shanghai ” most, can you let tourist “ buy buy buy ” ? 10 thousand countries build the beach outside read extensively group of medium 18 buildings freezer stick, the car of the paper carve lamp that Nanjing road shopping mall is material, elder siste上海油压技师招聘日结r of 151 Shanghai young lady that wears a cheongsam carries shake tire tastes …… to be able to make new choice probably奉贤区南桥男士spa. Yesterday, souvenir of travel of Shanghai of ” of cup of 2018“ old Feng Xiang designs contest prize-giving celebration and souvenir trend news briefing to hold, 14 design kind of work and bear the palm of work of 15 business class. As we have learned, this second design contest gives priority to a problem with ” of “ Shanghai gift, setting design kind take part in the match twice with business class group not, last a period of time 6 months, add up to get work nearly 1000, choose 14 finally to design work of kind o上海足浴KB记f bear the palm and 15 goods kind work of bear the palm. Have the honor to win this second travel souvenir to design a contest kind provide comme上海油压干磨足浴论坛rcial value award most defend white artistic sea to send lamp of originality paper carve to use a beautiful and delicate elephant well, showed the culture intention of Shanghai gift. Lamp of carve of this series paper ” brilliant years ” , ” demon impression ” , ” art taste Changjiang Delta ” , presented 3 themes content respectively: Gules culture, sea sends culture, Changjiang Delta culture. In the meantime, lamp of carve of this series paper installs illuminant at base, chimney uses organic glass, realize much face to view and admire, broke through a tradition to fold the limitation that picture of lamp of film paper c上海油压群arve presents, can say to hold concurrently provided beautiful sex and practical. 10 thousand countries build the beach beyond group for the beach outside the Shanghai of chief source 10 thousand countries build group of freezer to stick, had the honor to win class of this contest business to provide commercial value award most. This work builds 18 histories make松江佘山spa elegant travel souvenir through be optimized r松江大学城最近桑拿会所easonably and narrowing, still pile up a manual with 2 dimension at the same time, hold a sex of practical, appreciation concurrently, still can pass scanning at the same time the romaunt that 2 dimension code understand上海现在哪有油压s each building backside. ” trend of travel commodity popularity forecasted a report 2019 ” also the corresponding period is released. Trend of上海龙凤419 tr上海洗浴中心全套价格avel commodity popularity forecasts expert group to think digitlization, article is achieved model, practical travel commodity will continue to lead industrial predomin上海后花园419ate the trend. In future on chart of上海水磨会所哪家最好 上海水磨休闲会所 a year of colour, a list of names posted up of Chinese red remount head. Next, blackish green and golden also will become fashion colour 2019. The expert expresses, ” of “ Shanghai gift has feature of ” of symbol of “ Shanghai culture, the convenient to上海乌克兰外菜会所urist understanding to Shanghai culture and acknowledge. But the concepti上海 干磨 水磨on creation of commodity of &上海闵行银都路水磨rdquo; of “ Shanghai gift still remains the spade husbandry that Yu Zaiwen changes bedrock to go up, travel souvenir should more individuation, tiny sex. Expert proposal, the management of project of brand of ” of “ Shanghai gift and promotion need to perfect strengthen, still can use a brand to declare a system, let brand of commodity of more and high grade travel bring into ” of “ Shanghai gift.