Be in by exposure picture in, the clerk swabs cistern, cup to provide with wash cloth, bath towel with the guest, metope even closestool. Video cut pursues on November 14, small gain big V ” the flower always lost golden cudgel ” release video, its are in exposure the clerk that hotel of high end of class of 静安宾馆推油many 5 stars films makes wholesome appearance. In the picture, the clerk swabs cistern, cup to provide with wash cloth, bath towel with the guest, metope even closestool. The hotel of 5 stars class that involves lira of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers, Hilton, sweet case, the four seasons, Wen Huadong to just wait for group division to fall. That evening, response of hotel of partial e干磨水磨服务什么意思xperience thing says, understanding a circumstance to undertake checking. “Flower always ” told new capital newspaper reporter that day, he discovered to wholesome problem exists in hotel of 5 stars class through an accidental opportunity 2017, through a year film, observation, discover上海普陀桑拿会所 this is the general issue in hotel industry, filmed centrally in nearly two months then a few material, make it explodes makings video. In the video material that provides in its, the existence of the work that protect clean of hotel of class of ten 5 stars is different the problem of degree. Among them, do not have pair of cups to provide undertake alexipharmic, take has used objective to be swabbed with towel directly however, without special and clean cloth, one cloth is multi-purpose, wash one’s hands pool cup is provided e上海419 约会归来ven closestool is mixed with one cloth, it is the phenomenon that exists generally. “Flower always ” express, the price is in the room great majority that he stays in in exposure hotel place every night 1000 yuan reach 2000 yuan, highest amount to 5000 yuan every night. Dirty bath towel, towel brushs cistern to brush water cup   ” flower always ” offerred video material shows, on October 15, in Beijing Kang Laide hotel, the clerk takes a guest to wipe a mouth with bath towel cup and wash one’s hands stage, after taking dishcloth to swab hand stage, use the wall that brushs coffee cup again. On September 25, in hotel of lira of Fuzhou sweet case, the clerk takes has used wash cloth to swab hand stage and mirror first, brush buccal cup again. Will enter expensive boat public house in the Guiyang happy event September 29, the clerk takes has used bath towel or towel to swab cup. The hotel of Shanghai Hua Erdao’s husband that similar case al上海上海最新油压论坛会所招聘so will appear on October 27, Shanghai Pudong Wen Huadong November 2 the square hotel, Shanghai Pudong November 5 beautiful the Kaerdu that think of · hotel and the hotel of Shanghai the four seasons November 1. In these hotels, gargle and the cup that drink water to use, did not use appropriative cleaner to provide, it is bath is wiped again, disinfect a program without passing. The guest is used to not merely with bath towel brush cup. Video presentation, on October 8, shanghai world luxuriant hotel of royal Ai Mei, the clerk wipes closestool with bath towel. The Shanghai uncut jade on October 29 the beautiful hotel, Shanghai Pudong November 5 beautiful the Kaerdu that think of · the hotel of hotel, Shanghai the four seasons November 1, bath towel all is regarded as dishcloth, with will clean door of shower shower nozzle, wall, glass or ground. The dress also can be used to do dishcloth. On Octob徐汇水疗会所er 30, shanghai Bao Geli hotel, the 上海指压飞机店多少钱clerk is collected from ash-bin come out to had used the one-time cup shell that is desertioned, after be being wiped repeatedly with the dress and towel, put on the desk. On October 17, hotel of Beijing cypress Yue, after 上海按摩上海特殊会所the clerk swabs buccal cup and coffee cup with wash cloth with上海松江桑拿会所 the guest, buying garment part, wipe cup wall with the dress. A dishcloth a variety of utility are normal   ” flower always 2019年上海水磨高端服务” express, according to his und爱上海MM自荐erstanding, large public house manages a group to have strict level to guest room cleanness, for instance different dishcloth has different use, cannot mix with, cannot use a guest to 19年上海闵行498水磨do cleanness with cloth grass. From the point of video, the situation with one multi-purpose cloth is general consist in in hotels of these 5 stars class. The hotel of peninsula of Beijing king government office on November 8, the clerk is used brush with a towel cup and wash one’s hands pool. The Nanchang happy event September 21 will ascend the hotel, Shanghai uncut jade October 29 to the hotel of beautiful hotel, Shanghai the four seasons November 1, Beijing November 8 cheeks and installed Man hotel to also appear similar ca上海干磨水磨床单se. The Shanghai worl上海千花 自荐 上海千花验证归来d on October 9 luxuriant hotel of royal Ai Mei and the Nanchang happy event September 20 will enter a public house, still appeared to be used to with a dishcloth wipe respectively