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– the spot is reached join in intent tens of Shanghai on November 22, 2018 report- – on November 21, 2018, the 6th China (Shanghai) international hotel investment and concessionary management exhibition (abbreviation “HFE”) can exhibit a center to pull open heavy curtain formally in Shanghai country. The astral hotel limited company that the actor below banner of hotel of br嘉定全身油压spaight and beautiful river picks You Jinjiang of h上海高级水磨会所电话otel ”(of Bai Yulan of “ of service hotel brand manages) Jing is colourful appear (extend a date: C001) . This hotel of white yulan magnolia revealed his to cross the new thinking of bound confluence, become this to exhibit the one large window of the meeting, first days are reached join in intent tens of, its “ lodges 上海推油tykb店推荐+ recreation + recreational + the actor of gregarious ” chooses setting of service hotel new room to obtain numerous investor to chase after hold in both hands, spot atmosphere is hot. First days of spot is reached tens of join in intent, the Jing of new room setting of shirt-sleeve ” of the · that cross a boundary is colourful appear exhibit meet the first day, numerous investor exhibits an area to linger in hotel of white yulan magnolia for a long time, detailed knowledge surprises with Xiong Benxiong IP, Coffee Box, love ”&hel上海龙凤论坛 shlf1314lip;… of tea garden of Bai Yulan of area of art VR experience, Wang Yutai “ numerous the tide上海后花园 阿拉爱上海 element that the hotel has come true and obtains the market to approbate in Bai Yulan combines compose to build the Bai Yulan that go out new room, end to close a shop afternoon, spot of 10 several investor decides to join in inten上海419论坛 官网t. Brand of white yulan magnolia crosses bound collaboration to taste brand of the Bai Yulan below banner of hotel of river of card bright and beautiful to cross bound collaboration brand below banner of hotel of brigh干磨和水磨区别t and beautiful river the astral company “ of bright and beautiful river takes the lead in twice two are made”, the thematic   of the astral company o上海水磨工作室f brand innovation Cheng Jinjiang 21 days afternoon,徐汇区斜土路spa presiding apparitor Ms. Zan Lin joined the astral hotel limited company of bright and beautiful river the theme joins a concern for “ new contest, the round-table forum of the innovation ” of hotel brand, to be the same as the innovation concept that the audience below industry expert and stage introduced Bai Yulan hotel. Ms. Zan Lin thinks, of “ life character upgrade ” makes the hotel turns one place into life space slowly, no longer the main demand that confine goes at going out, however a place tha上海豪华spa会所t enjoys the life. New requirement is forcing hotel transition, include economy chain hotel, innovation, upgrade, it is imperative. The climate change that the astral company of bright and beautiful river will understand thoroughly consumer be gone after to life character undertakes study as main task, the confluence crossing a boundary that falls from setting of iteration product research and development, accommodation, service experiences, and made innovate all-aroundly and change on sale shift, abstraction gives “ two take the lead in, two make ”- – take the lead in putting forward actor to choose a service hotel service, take the lead in rolling out IP character; to make a city receive a visitor hall, make distinguishing feature of product of the confluence th爱上海mm自荐at cross a boundary. Hotel of white yulan magnolia devotes oneself to to gift with the gout lifestyle of diversification soul of hotel of white yulan magnolia and connotation. CEO of astral hotel limited company Ms. Zan Lin of bright and beautiful river attends “ new contest to join a concern, the innovation ” round-table 上海君爵男士spa会所 退卡for上海佘山索菲特悦泉spaum of hotel brand, the innovation that uncovers brand of secret white yulan magnolia and shirt-sleeve concept hold consumptive trend to realize investment win-win company to invest department inspector general Mr is investing site of the meeting that taste ancient bronze mirror to still uncover secret Bai Yulan 2 products, show the new trend that can develop the market, the user consumes the new pain spot of demand, provide the hotel p上海 油压 龙凤论坛roduct that invests value more, share a partner, hand in hand win-win. The astral company investment of bright and beautiful river develops a department to join in the partner introduces   of Bai Yulan hotel on November 21, hotel of white yulan magnolia was finished satisfactorily exhibit turn around the bright get alo上海这段时间把油压按摩店都关了ng with of day is recieved. Did not come 2 days, expect more investment join in C001 bright and beautiful comes before partner and the audience that having strong interest to hotel innovation